Sunday, February 05, 2006

I've got Saipan on the brain

I read the online version of both the Saipan Tribune and the Marianas Variety everyday; I guess I just like to keep up on my Saipan news. Hell, I even read stories about Saipan in the National papers.

I came across THIS column that talks about Dad while I was reading today's Saipan Tribune. Listening to other people's memories of my father has become a little hobby of mine. I'm constantly amazed that one person could have meant so many different things to so many different people. I can't wait to put it all together and publish my findings.

Here is just one more person's take on his life:

(I am reposting only the parts that discuss him. Click HERE to read the full article.)

...I was seated on a table with the late Justice Ramon Villagomez during the first foray I made to the Saipan Chamber of Commerce meetings. I did not know who he was but I recognized the name. I was impressed by the formidable presence of the man, is speech and demeanor. Were I to use the language of the medieval saints, he would have been characterized as one with charisma. He had a reputation of being straight-laced, stern, proper and ethnocentric. He turned out to be a very warm and welcoming person, and when he learned I was new on island, and had just assumed responsibility for the congregation gathered at Immanuel United Methodist Church, he offered his time and office should I have any questions at all about the Commonwealth and its people...

...Former Supreme Court Justice Villagomez sailed in one of the voyages between Satawal/Polowat and Saipan after he retired from the bench. Inexplicably, after
the voyage, the justice would succumb to a heart failure that would leave him in coma until the completion of his personal journey. His reputation of being a practical visionary in defense of the rights of persons of NMI descent allegedly led into the promulgation of the provision of the Covenant between the "Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands," in political union with and under the sovereignty of the United States of America, on land...

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