Thursday, March 09, 2006

The James Visit Japan: Day 2

Today was a slow day.

I think everybody's JET lag is rubbing off on me because I had one hell of a hard time getting out of couch this morning. Once again, I was more than happy to let Jerry make the morning coffee.

We didn't get to the grandparents' hotel (with breakfast from Little Mermaid bakery and coffee from McDonald's in hand) until 9:30 AM. They wondered why we came so late and we reminded them that they told us to come between 9:00 and 10:00. They must have forgotten.

Emily had to work a half day (not a hafa dai), so to kill the time I gave the family the option of visiting Zuiryuji temple or going back to our apartment to relax. They chose the latter.

I'm glad they did because it gave me the chance to go back to bed. I got back up when Emily got home. Like I said, I think the jet lag is rubbing off on me.

We ended up spending the afternoon at AEON, but not before stopping for lunch at a conveyor belt sushi restaurant. This was a great experience. Jerry and the grandparents were beyond reluctant to eat raw fish, but by simply telling them that the tuna, salmon, and shrimp were cooked, we were able to fool them into eating it.

We didn't tell them that they had eaten raw seafood until after we had left the restaurant.

Highlights at AEON included a stop at Mr. Donut for coffee and donuts (imagine that!) and my purchase of the CD that is always bumpin' at Village Vanguard (kind of a cross between Urban Outfitters and Spencer Gifts). The name of the artist is Capsule and the name of the album is Lounge Designers Killer. It is run of the mill J Pop techno, but the last song on the CD is a piano solo. I don't get it either. (The piano solo is the song you hear in the conveyor belt sushi video).

One of the songs is titled "Twinkle Twinkle Poppp!" Yeah, it's that good.

We caught the 5:34 bus back to Takaoka Station and dropped the grandparents off at the hotel. We're going to stay in for the night. Jerry's already passed out on the couch and Emily and I are pretty tired ourselves.

We have plans to go to Himi tomorrow, but the forecast calls for rain in the morning, so we might have to cancel or reschedule. We'll see.


Angry Sicilian said...

Can you rip that CD to mp3 for me? CD-DA Extractor :-D

Angry Sicilian said...

I think i'd clasify this as easy listening world pop / lounge pop

Saipan Chamoale said...

are you asking me to break the law?

Asuka's Blog Is Here! said...
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Pura Vida Fords said...

Hi Gerry! I didn´t realize you were also visiting. Have a great time! Love, Donna

Asuka's Blog Is Here! said...
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Brick's Mom, Anne-Marie said...

That conveyor belt sushi video cracks me up. The musics makes it seem like it should be on Mr. Rogers.