Tuesday, March 07, 2006

They Made It!!!

They were ten minutes late, but the James' and that (other) G&%#@*% lady are here. Right now they are resting their confused little heads on Japanese pillows. I expect that the three of them will be wide awake in about 3 hours.

Thanks, jet lag!

Picking them up was uneventful. Emily, Chiharu, and I spent the late afternoon in a department store looking at clothes. Emily bought a cute skirt and maybe a few other things...I wasn't really paying attention. I just took money out of her wallet and handed it to her.

The only thing I bought was a Hello Kitty keychain. It is one of those Hello Kittys dressed up as something famous in Toyama. Instead of a tulip or squid, though, Hello Kitty is wearing a formal kimono and a straw hat. It is a boy's kimono, so it is very masculine (NOT).

A special shout out goes to Chiharu. We would never have been able to pick them up without her help. Thank you, Chiharu!

So anyways, we picked the family up at the airport and took them back to Takaoka via bus. Grandmother and Grandfather are (hopefully) sleeping at the Manten hotel and Mom is sharing a bed with Emily. I get the couch.

It is 11:32 PM. Gerry just woke up and shouted, "What the hell?!" Emily calmed her down and now she's asleep again. I'll have to ask her in the morning if she knew where she was.

This is going to be a fun two weeks.

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Angry Sicilian said...

The couch is better than the kitchen floor and a sleeping bag...

I'll visit in Saipain.