Saturday, June 24, 2006

CNMI Women's Volleyball

Will somebody explain the rules of volleyball to me? The ref kept doing the signal for traveling. What does that mean?

I also don't get why the first four games were played to 25 points and why the fifth game only went to 15 points. WTF?



Look at those girls move:

What is EJ thinking in this picture:

The CNMI Women's Volleyball team rocked tonight! Unfortunately, the Pohnpei team rocked just a tad more. They won it in the fifth game. Bummer. No need to fret though, there are still 3 more games to play before the elimination round, so our team still has plenty of time to make a comeback.


The team probably lost because I wasn't cheering loud enough. After the game I ran out and bought two one gallon bottles of water. Add some pennies, decorate them a little bit, and those things are FRICKIN' LOUD.

I pity the CNMI's next opponent.


jen said...

weren't they playing Yap not Palau?

Saipan Chamoale said...

I don't even see the word Palau in that post. WTF?

They played Pohnpei in the first game, Yap in the second, and I missed the third game.