Monday, June 19, 2006

Seventh in a Series - Bonding with Frankie

Of my 50 or so Villagomez first cousins, Frankie Q is the closet to me in age. He's less than a month older than me. My mother didn't want to have to give birth in Saipan (remember, this was back in the 70's), so she spent the final months of her pregnancy living in Guam with Frank and Connie. Uncle Frank tells a funny story about how he took Connie to the hospital to have Frankie and then how less than a month later he took my mother to the same hospital to have me (I think the better story would be to hear about what it is like to live with two pregnant women).

27 years later, after not having seen each other for at least a decade, Frankie and I went out for drinks.

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