Thursday, June 29, 2006

Underwater Angelo

I tested out my new gear today with one of my volunteer divers. In this picture I am demonstrating how NOT to wear your mask:

Do you see how my hair is under the mask. Tsk, tsk, tsk...I am indeed a novice.

Even so, I'm sitting in about 40 feet of water, just off of Obyan Beach. It was a pretty sweet dive. We saw a humphead parrotfish, two flounders, a blue trevally, a white blow fish that must have been almost over two feet long, about 20 crown of thorn starfish, and a school of parrotfish, each at least two feet long.

We are helping CRM with a Biosearch survey. If you're interested in the kind of stuff we were looking for, you can download the survey here. If you are on Saipan, you can mail completed surveys to me:

Click HERE to download the survey
Click HERE for more info on the survey


Joe said...

I was just reading in the paper today that a tourist drowned at that beach yesterday.

Emily said...

Gossshhhh that's great. Thanks mom.