Friday, July 14, 2006

Bodies of Slowly Melting Ice

Last night I was supposed to participate in the Bodies on Fire fashion show. I got there late and I missed it. My body was not on fire. I suck.

That didn't stop me from having a great time at Club V, though. Willy Tan, the owner of, well, just about everything on Saipan, just brought over a cover band from Manila. Last night was their first show.

The name of the band is The Brown Republic Band...and they don't suck. Almost every single cover band in the world sucks. This one doesn't. That is my cover band expert opinion.

But that's enough talk about the band. Let's talk about the two girls in the band. Emily and Diana liked the singer in the fur jacket because she had "attitude."

I thought the other girl was hotter.

Speaking of hot girls, Tina was there!

Quite possibly the best picture of Joe ever taken.

After dancing, Joe tried macking on this MILF (just kidding, that's Laurie Anne's mom).

After Club V we went to Godfather's to see who was around, but mostly because I was hungry. One problem: The kitchen was closed! NOOOOOOOO!

So we made a beeline for Ocean's and I ordered some chicken poppers and some fried lumpia. After that, happy Angelo went home.


Emily said...

Teaching, what? We're going to be their backup dancers instead

Vest-girl was so sassy

Tony said...

'Other' girl gets my vote. Fur + hotpants Vs Union Jack + hotpants is always gonna be a tough call, but she just shades it for me!

Hoover said...

uuuugggh!!! i hate not being in the tropical paradise we all know as Chamorroland *cough* SAIPAN! im sad. im depressed. i wish i were there.

i miss you guys too. and i would have to agree that the pic of Joe on here is THE BEST pic ever taken of him (in saipan at least).

keep it real, blue steel!

i like cheese.

Anonymous said...

no.. really, they can move specially the streetbeat dancer..oh sorry singerss.. they were yelling not singing.. they can audition as strippers, maybe they'll make more money doing that.. just a thought and suggestion.. dont take it personal.. it wasn't entertaining at all. just bunch of yelling and grinding in the stage...