Friday, July 28, 2006

Bodies on Fire - Backstage Pass

So my modeling career started and ended last night with the Bodies on Fire finale at the Saipan Grand Hotel. I am proud to say that I wore a brightly colored speedo onstage. In public. In front of people that I know.

Here are some pictures from backstage:

Getting ready for the big show. The hair and makeup guys gave everybody a faux hawk. I was no exception.

This picture was taken just after the guys finished lathering each other up with baby oil. Seriously.

Does this sarong make my ass look fat?

The show is about to begin, but first, group pictures!

Don't get burned by those Bodies on Fire!

A nice picture of the girls about to go onstage.

Next segment!

Elmer is the frickin' man!

I take that back. Captain Manila is the frickin' man!

You lookin' at me?

The "towel" segment.

Another shot of the "towel" segment.

This is the most action Ryan has gotten since he moved to Saipan.

This is what a Body on Fire model sees when they walk down the runway.

So who looks more like Ozzie Ozbourne in this picture? Ryan or Angel?

Jackie was my modeling partner. I'm flashing Blue Steel in this picture. Isn't it beautiful?

Three more satisfied customers.

I think that is more than enough pictures. If I get a lot of comments requesting a picture of me in a speedo, I'll post one, but somehow I expect most of the comments will be for me NOT to post a speedo picture.


Hoover said...

0NE vote for N0 SPEED0 pics! thankx! the visual world thanks you!

Angry Sicilian said...

I'm thankful that you never sported the speedo when we had that apt in puertorican palms.

Anonymous said...

NO Speedo -

The world thanks you

Saipan Chamoale said...

So that's three "NO" and no "YES"

Joe said...

I think you managed to post the most unflattering picture of me you could find

Saipan Chamoale said...

Don't be such a Lance Bass