Monday, July 03, 2006

Getting ready for the Parade

On Sunday while I was helping plant 11 more trees along Beach Road with Beautify CNMI and MOVER I noticed that people were setting up tents along Beach Road. They were also marking large sections of the public land between the road and the beach with flagging tape, string, and just about anything else that could be tied between trees or sign posts.

This is something new that I've never witnessed before on Saipan. People were camping out for choice spots along the parade route for the Liberation Day Parade.

When did they start doing that?


Mona said...

My mother says that the campouts are a new development. I'd be interested in any reports of fisticuffs or atan baba'ing.

Deece said...

I think it started only about one or two years ago....but it was not on such a large scale until this year.