Monday, July 31, 2006

Saipan Sucks!

Just it doesn't!

You might remember that a while back I lamented about Saipan Sucks' prominent position in the results for a google search of the word "Saipan." Well, that site has a lot of google juice and is still the #6 result. That really sucks, huh?

The only way to bump that site from the top is create more websites that portray Saipan in a positive light (like mine!) and to get lots of other websites to link to those websites. When that happens, those websites will overtake Saipan Sucks at the top of the list. Until that happens, Saipan Sucks will remain towards the top.

In the meantime, don't add any links to Saipan Sucks. That only gives them more google juice.

Link to this blog instead. Or the Marianas RC&D blog. Or the Marianas RC&D homepage. Or the Beautify CNMI blog.


Carleton James said...

Emily & Angelo:
Just read your comment about UVA.
The people we went to visit, Ed and Florence McIntyre have a son who completed his doctrate at UVA and is now on the faculty. At present he is in charge of the summer session. His wife teaches in the ESL program at UVA. Florence and Ed sit and tote their children. I will ask about information.

Took pictures of the section of the UVA grounds which were designed and supervised in the building by Thomas Jefferson. Will post pictures later.

Saturday afternoon we attended a production of "Sunday in the Park With George" It was a production of a repertory company; professional in every way

Carleton James said...

Emily & Angelo,
Called Florence to thank her for the weekend and passed along your request. She said her sone would be glad to reply; gave her Saipan address.

Anonymous said...

I've officially linked The Saipan Blog to mine. Hopefully that helps the Google Search. -CAB