Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween in Saipan

Emily and I went to a Halloween party at Club V last night. The party was co-hosted by Saipan Grand Hotel, Saipan Chamber of Commerce, and Off the Beaten Path, which is sort of like a Rotary Club for young people.

They had a pumpkin carving contest with a grand prize of $200. I was sure I could win...except I couldn't find a damn pumpkin on this island! WTF!?!

I dressed up as the CNMI Economy. I bought a white T-shirt at Joeten and wrote the words "CNMI ECONOMY" on the back. Then I wore a life preserver. I didn't know until this morning that a Chinese tourist drowned yesterday. I hope I didn't offend anyone.

Emily dressed up as a school girl. She says she was a Japanese school girl, but how many blonde Japanese school girls have you seen lately? Tina dressed up as, well, Tina.

Half way through the night I traded my life preserver for a black mask. Oh well, not one of my better years for costumes. Topping my George W. Bush costume from last year is going to be hard to do.

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