Thursday, November 23, 2006

No More Hot Japanese Girls!

From the Marianas Variety:

During a ceremony at Saipan Nikko Hotel on Tuesday, 15-year-old Aika Okabe was crowned Miss Saipan besting the two other contenders from Tokyo — Miki Kurabayashi and Erina Ando.
Aika is the one in yellow from the previous posts. She's Chi-unit's age. Ouch. I formally retract all previous statements about hot Japanese girls.

So last night was Elimination Week 3 of Saipan Singing Superstar. This week's winner, Lala, was the best act we've seen so far. I had my picture taken with her after the show. Here is a promo video for the show with the contestants from the first two weeks:

There is one week left of eliminations, then one more show where the singers who almost made it are given a second chance. I think they're calling it the Wildcard Round. The final rounds begin after that.

After Saipan Singing Superstar I went to Garapan and met up with Bree and some friends for a bachelorette party. Her neighbor is getting married on Friday. I was the token guy in a pink shirt.

Then just because I can, there's a picture of Joe Taijeron and Morgan Rose bringing sexy back. I hate that phrase.

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