Friday, November 10, 2006

Saipan Singing Superstar

On Wednesday night I was one of three judges for Saipan Grand Hotel's Saipan Singing Superstar. This production was put on by the famous Oscar Yema. The event was similar to American Idol, but with a Micronesian Pinoy twist.

I was the Paula Abdul of Saipan Singing Superstar; I couldn't bring myself to, um, constructively criticize some of the contestants. When I really wanted to say something like, "you SUCK!," I said something like, "that was a very difficult song, thank you for your performance."

Jonathan, one of the other judges, wasn't as nice. He told one 14 year old girl that she shouldn't read the words from the karaoke screen. Ouch!

The winner of Wednesday's round, Angel Tumada, was fantastic. She was the last person to sing and really stood out as the night's star. Here she is singing her song (which was in Tagalog, so I have no idea what she was singing):

That's Brad of Saipan Tribune fame in the background. He's the Ryan Seacrest of Saipan. Now that's something to write how about!

This was elimination week 1. Of the 10 contestants, 3 moved on to the next round. Along with Angel, Paul Medina and Cherry San Gabriel advanced.

My only complaint about the event is that I think just about all of the contestants sang a love ballad, whether in English or Tagalog. I'll be judging again next week, so I'd really like to see and I hope that someone from the next round tries a different genre (Hint, wink, nudge).

The first round of the kid's category will be held tonight at 6 PM in the Grand Hotel Lobby. The second round of the adult eliminations will be next Wednesday at 7 PM in the Grand Hotel Lobby. Hope to see you there!


Emily said...

You look hot, boo. I love that suit jacket.

Anonymous said...

Let's get Tiana and Catie over there to perform! They would win!

Deece said...

I didn't know there was a Ryan Seacrest of Saipan.