Sunday, December 31, 2006

Final Post of 2006

Walt and AngeloI've had a busy ending to 2006.

I had a two hour lunch with Diana on Subway. When I went home I realized that I had locked myself out. Darn! I had to run across the street to the apartment office to get the key.

When I went out a few hours later...I locked myself out again! I took the first few steps down the stairs and I realized that I didn't have my car keys on me...and that they were inside the house, which I had just locked. Darn!

Nobody was at the office, so I decided to just go out and ask someone to let me stay at thier place. Great pick up line, huh? Hey, I, um, locked myself out of my house...can I go home with you?

On Saturday afternoon I went down to Forbidden Island with Walt, Diana, and EJ. It was the first time going there for Diana and Walt.

I met up later with Diana and EJ to go out. We started the night by playing a game of darts at the Flair. After that we went to Southern Cross for some karaoke, followed by dancing at Club V.

This morning I picked up some groceries, cleaned up the apartment a bit, and did some laundry. Ike invited me to his house tonight and I have plans to go back to Club V later in the evening.

I have a ton of pictures to upload. I'll post them next year.

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debbie said...

hey i saw you at club v! don't know if you remember me but u helped me with some car stuff when i was relocating to saipan. happy new year!