Friday, December 22, 2006

Guess who I saw today?

Abraham VillagomezI saw my brother, Officer Abraham Villagomez!

That's right, my "little" brother is a frickin' cop! He graduated from the police academy last Friday. This was his first full week on the job.

I asked Abraham if he thought I could still beat him up. He pointed to his gun. I understood that to mean a big fat "NO."

In other news, Ruth Tighe gave me a new nickname:
While on the subject of tourists and tourism, have you clicked on yet? The site was initiated at the suggestion of the most creative person I know, island newcomer Walt Goodridge. He got upset that in internet searches of the word "Saipan," that infamous uncomplimentary site was among the first ten to appear. Why, he wondered, couldn't a positive counter-site be established, that would kick the other off the top ten list? The result? Walt and Angelo "Can Do" Villagomez's "we love saipan" url. Click on it, add to it, link to it! Help get a positive view of Saipan up on the web!
When I was in the 6th grade, the other kids alternated between calling me "forehead" and "nintendo." I like this new name better.


Beverly said...

I like forehead better.

MOM said...

Actually, I'm not surprised by your nickname. When you were in 9th grade you had a huge "Just Do It" Nike poster in your bedroom. Love you, Merry Christmas!