Friday, December 15, 2006

Chamorro Wedding...Shower

wedding showerI was invited to attend a Wedding Shower this evening. It was a lot different from what I would expect at an American Shower. This shower was more of a pre-wedding. To my uncultured eyes, it was almost no different from a wedding. We ate. We drank. We had a great time. OK, so maybe there were a few differences, I'm just pointing out that all Saipan celebrations entail eating, drinking, and having a great time.

Fire DancersFire DancerSo have you ever heard of a Wedding Shower having fire dancers perform? Heck yeah!

Wedding ShowerFire DancersWe were treated to not just one, but TWO, cultural dance troupes. Woot!

cultural dancers(Sorry the pictures aren't better. Should have brought my tripod)

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