Saturday, January 13, 2007

Killer Saipan Tsunami Video

The tsunami was at 6:39 PM. I caught the whole thing on film. See what the biggest tsunami to hit Saipan in 500 years did to the islands.



Bev said...

LOL Loser! I can't believe you went down to the beach. I went bowling=)

Mona said...

Does your camera take video in mpeg or mov format? That's my problem. Microsoft won't let me edit an mov.

Ken & Crystal said...

Hey Angelo,
I'm Bev's friend Crystal -- dentist at SDA -- we LOVE your tsunami vid! Can we embed it onto our blog? If not that's ok...just wondering cause it's funny!
~Crystal and Ken

elizabeth said...

lmao! That was a good one.I can imagine how those people at EMO felt. And my ass was all worried over here diablu.


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