Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Life of an Island Boy

6:30 AM Wake up, brush teeth, check email.

7:00 AM Grab both laptops, wallet, keys, volunteer T-shirts and head out to Saturday morning's volunteer event.

7:20 AM Stop for coffee and pastry at Java Joe's before start of long day. Read newspaper while watching the clock.

7:50 AM Leave Java Joe's for volunteer event.

8:00 AM Pass out gloves and trash bags to volunteers.

8:30 AM Pass out T-shirts to participants.

8:40 AM Leave volunteer event early to go to MINA training.

8:45 AM Pitstop in Garapan to deliver plumeria tree, shovel, and pick for tree planting at Tanapag Elementary.

9:00 AM Arrive barely on time for training up in San Roque.

9:01 AM Recieve phone call from EPA on the East Coast.

9:20 AM Walk into training 20 minutes late because the EPA lady kept me on the phone asking questions about Beautify CNMI!

9:21 AM Training, training, training.

12:30 PM Training breaks for lunch. Leave early to go to Fina Sisu.

1:00 PM Meet 8 college students at NMC and lead them on a field trip to Laulau Revegetation Project Site.

2:45 PM Finish field trip. Drive down to Kagman Community Center to help out with Trick or Trash Recyling event.

3:00 PM Show 50 high school students how to separate the recylables they collected.

3:45 PM Load up Rep. Waki's trailer and head for Lower Base to drop off aluminum cans.

4:30 PM Cans succesfully turned in, head up to As Matuis to inspect a community member's nursery.

4:45 PM Inpsection complete. Drink a few beers.

6:30 PM Head home.

6:45 PM Grab dinner at McDonald's.

7:00 PM Eat, take a shower, check email.

8:00 PM Post this blog.

8:01 PM Bed.

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