Saturday, January 06, 2007

Saipan Singing Superstar Finals

Last night was the final night of Saipan Singing Superstar! 15 contestants from the four Elimination Rounds and one Wildcard Round competed for the coveted title.

Last night's taping was two shows in one: We whittled the final 15 down to six, then the final six sang one more song to decide the winner.

Here is a shot of some of the contestants backstage before the show:

Saipan Singing Superstar Backstage We had five judges this week: (from left to right) Lei, Aldrich, and Anchel from Resound, Diana, and me:

Resound BandResound BandThe show kicked off with a few songs from Resound (and one by Brad) and then a song by all of the contestants. Oscar Yema, director extraordinaire, even found some backup dancers:

Then it was time to start the competition! The judges judged each contestent on their "musicality." We had 70 points to award for Attire (5), Confidence (5), Stage Presence (5), Timing (15), Harmony (10), Timbre (10), and Pitch (20).

Want to know how I scored the top 6? OK, here it goes, the points I awarded to the top 6 contestants:

Angel: 70 points...wins the Diva Award HANDS DOWN!
Ronnie: 70 shirt EVER!
Paul D: 69 points...makes funny faces when he sings, but what a voice!
Lala: 64 points...chose a Mariah Carey song...not the easist thing to sing!
Cherry: 64, wow!
Dan: 63 points...KC and Jojo? Great song!

CherryAlright, so I was a judge, not a photographer. Those were the only pictures that don't totally suck. The judges' table was too far away from the stage for my flash to work properly. Most of my pictures are blurry, so you're lucky I have any pictures. Deal. The Saipan Grand website will have pictures up. I'll link to them when I find them.

So, back to the contest, don't forget that the judges' scores only counted for 70% of the vote. The other 30% came from PTI text votes:

Text VotesAre you kidding me? How the hell does someone get half a million text votes? Yeah, Paul D, I'm talking to you!

So after the judges' scores were combined with the text vote scores the final six ended up being Angel, Froi, Ronnie, Dan, Paul D, and Lala. The only person from my top 6 not in the final top 6 was Cherry.

Saipan Singing Superstar FinalistsEach contestant had to sing one more song...and to make a long story short, they placed:

6. Dan
5. Ronnie
4. Froi
3. Paul D
2. Angel
1. Lala

Lala went last...and she just blew everyone away. Not only did she sing a new song, but she also wore a new gown and even had a new hairdo. Where the hell did she find time to do that? Diva, party of one? I heard that she even brought a personal makeup artist...I'll just leave it at that.

Diana and I couldn't resist getting our picture taken with her afterwards:

Congrats, Lala!

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