Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Saturday Afternoon

Saturday afternoon I went down to Forbidden Island with Walt, Diana, and EJ. It was the first time going there for Diana and Walt. Since I was the one with the camera, I only appear in one of these pictures:

Diana and EJ take a break on the trail down to Forbidden Island. It is really windy this time of year, so you hardly notice the heat.

Forbidden IslaEJ, Diana, and Walt play follow the leader down the trail to Forbidden Island.

Forbidden Island TrailDiana and Walt made us stop every 4 steps so that they could take pictures. I took this opportunity to take a picture of Diana taking a picture.

Forbidden Island LookoutThis is the lookout right above the part of the trail that gets really steep. I've had my picture taken here almost every time I hike down to Forbidden Island.

Forbidden Island TrailDiana and EJ about to take the plunge down the steep part of the trail.

Saipan HikingTaking it step by step. I like how we managed to keep the same formation all the way down: Angelo, EJ, Diana, then Walt.

Forbidden Island BeachMan, why hike down there? Oh yeah, because of views like that.

Walt GoodridgeWalt sitting on a rock. I wonder what he's thinking?

EJ LeeWhile Walt and I ran off to do manly stuff like climb on rocks and get our feet wet, the girls laid down by the water.

Hot Saipan GirlsThey seemed to enjoy their time down on the the beach! How about a quick video of the waves:


Anonymous said...

The picture doesnt do any justice. I look better with that short in real life. hahahhahhahhaha

Missy said...

Glad that you are posting normal posts again instead of Katie & Saddam.

My latest post was just for you. Not exactly worthy of the testimonial page, but just my thoughts.

: )

Tony said...


Good god..

You are a seriously beautiful woman.

Saipan Chamoale said...


That's my KPG!