Sunday, February 04, 2007

Soccer on a Sunday afternoon

Today was another great day in Saipan! Woot!

Garapan Saipan CleanupOver 100 people came to the Beautify CNMI! cleanup of Garapan this morning! Thank you MINA, MOVER, CNMI POWER, SDA, Rep. Kaipat, Rep. Waki, ISA CNMI, and everyone else who showed up! I'll know tomorrow how much our trash weighed (the transfer station is closed on Sundays.)

Angelo Playing SoccerI had to leave the cleanup early to go play a soccer game. Today was the last day of the season. All 8 teams played a game in the morning, 4 advanced to the semi-finals, and 2 advanced to the finals. All of the games were played today.

Fiesta Inter Soccer TeamMy team won our first game 3-0, but we fell short in the semi-finals. Regular play ended in a 0-0 tie and we ended up losing in penalty one. Doh!

Several people came to cheer me on for my first game and two people came to cheer me on for my second game. I won't say who those two were, but I will say that one of them used my Canon S2 to take this picture:

Thanks, Anonymous photographer!

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