Tuesday, April 24, 2007

0.15 seconds of fame

A few weeks ago I got a call at 6 AM from a fellow Body on Fire model. He wanted to know if I was interested in skipping work to appear in a Japanese beer commercial.

What do you think I said?

You guessed it! Instead of spending the day in front of the computer sending emails and setting meetings, I spent about 8 hours dressed like a third world bank security guard. I was paid $200 for my troubles (and my sunburn) and only my nose appears in the commercial. Oh well, check out the commercial here:

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This is the fifth commercial in a series. In the series, the actor dressed as a Japanese/Dutch prince of sorts is traveling the world looking for all the foods that pair well with Sapporo Draft One. He runs into a group of Japanese ex-pats having a BBQ in Kannat Tabla and by the end of the commercial he determines that yakisoba and Draft One are good together (or something like that).

The name of the Japanese actor in the commercial is Hiroshi Abe. He's famous in Japan or something.

The gaijin in the commercial is an actor named John. He went to Japan as an English teacher, which led to acting in local theater, which led to some paid gigs.

He was really funny. Here he is posing with us in our costumes:

...and in case you were wondering. Draft One isn't really beer. It is a beer flavored liquor made with pea protein. Yum!


Shazam said...

completely surreal

Anonymous said...

Pee protein?! Dude Im in the wrong biz. I drink and pee. Im going to be rich!

Anonymous said...

This is just my favorite post EVER! I can't stop visiting it! I just keep tripping out on the whole scene again and again!