Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Guam 1, CNMI 0

If you haven't heard by now, we didn't win in Guam. Guam was able to capitalize on just about every single one of our weaknesses; they were younger, faster, healthier and more talented. It was like watching the Marianas Turkey Shoot 2007.

The score was 3-0 at the half. They kicked it up a notch in the second half, scoring six more goals to beat us 9-0. The ladies faired only slightly better. They kept Guam scoreless for the first 44 minutes of the game, but ended up losing 7-0.


Guam may have prevailed in the Inaugural Marianas Cup, but I tell you what, the CNMI has better fans. My biggest disappointment isn't actually losing, it is having to tell everyone who asks how we did that we didn't win. After the outpouring of support that we received during the March 25th game, I wanted nothing more than to bring that trophy back to the CNMI.

Oh well, coming from a lifelong Boston Red Sox fan, all I can say is that there's always next year.

Here are some pictures from our post game banquet at Samurai Restaurant in Guam:

CNMI Guam Soccer BanquetCNMI Women's Soccer Team

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Who is Mr. WTF? And why does his face make me think of Billy Bob Thorton asking for biscuits and mustard, mmmhmmm...