Thursday, April 26, 2007

Guess who I saw today?

I saw Susan Macario and Jerry Tan! Susan is the manager of Shirley's Coffee Shop and Jerry is the Executive Vice President of Tan Holdings.

They both came over to say hi to us at the Beautify CNMI! booth on the first night of the Flame Tree Festival (tonight). Tonight Beautify CNMI! was selling buttons, stickers, and T-shirts. For the next three days we'll collect recyclables.

I'm off to Tinian tomorrow morning to present at an environmental forum. I'm going to miss Friday and half of Saturday's Flame Tree Festival, but I'll be at the Beautify CNMI! tent by Saturday evening.

Come say hello!

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Saipan Writer said...

The Flame Tree Arts Festival is a great place to generate enthusiasm for Beautify CNMI, which is the ultimate art project! Wishing great success for B-CNMI.

Sorry I missed the blogger meet-up. Life has a way of interrupting. Next month.