Thursday, April 12, 2007

Official Soccer Pictures!

Check 'em out!

CNMI National Soccer TeamCoaching StaffBen WoodChris NelsonDale RobertsYosh GabaldonDave DuenasTyce MisterVince StravinoMark MacDonaldAngelo VillagomezPeter HoukMichael HallJohn MafnasLucas KnechtMike ThomasWesley BogdenBruce BerlineKyle CabaelAaron Lewis


CNMI Blogger said...

What -- no names? And why do you have a scowl on your face in this official photo?

AngrySicilian said...

thats a lotta pictures to scroll through... is it 5pm cst yet? Think of some sort of business we can open up... I am so tired this.

Angelo said...

Scroll your mouse over the picture for the players name to pop up.

That's not a scowl. That's Blue Steel.