Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Improving Beach Access and Protecting Turtles

Improving Beach Access: Mariana Island Nature Alliance (MINA) and Coastal Resource Management Office(CRMO) are set to open a new concrete staircase at Obyan Beach tomorrow.

Funded with a grant from US Fish and Wildlife Services, MINA and CRMO are finished with the latest phase of a project to better manage and protect the Green Sea Turtle nesting site at Obyan Beach.

Several months ago vehicular access to the beach was blocked off and three Green Sea Turtle education signs were installed near the parking lot. Concrete stairs and an emergency access gate were recently installed to help improve beach access.

CRMO and MINA will turn over the keys to the gate at a ceremony today at 10 AM. Department of Public Safety and Emergency Management Office will be on hand to accept the keys.

To complete the project, native vegetation and shrubs will be planted around the beach access to help reduce beach erosion. CNMI Forestry is currently propagating the plants. They will be planted during the onset of the rainy season in June with the help of the local Boy Scout Troop and other Beautify CNMI volunteers.

CRMO has also earmarked funds for the construction of two additional staircases to further enhance beach access for divers and locals.

The grant from USFW Service will also pay for a coral reef teacher education camp in August. MINA will train local teachers how to include coral reef education in their curriculum to meet their standards.

Remember, we're doing this for the children....and for these little guys:


Saipan Writer said...

You know, I think we've made great progress in keeping vehicles off the beach. People seem to have learned and to care, but just this week I saw some pick-up truck tearing through the sand near Chalan Kanoa Beach Club. I don't know why. Stupid thing to do.

Missy said...

I just love the video of the turtles. I tagged you on my blog, participate if you would like, otherwise no big deal.

: )

The Saipan Blogger アンゲロビラゴメズ said...

Will tag tonight.

I'm going to start telling people that I save baby turtles for a living.

Marianas Eye said...

Nice light saber.

BTW, permission granted to call me "Dr. Khorram" when referring to me in the third person. :-)

Yeah, the technocrti list did nothing for my traffic. But I'm happy to be a testing blog for your ideas.