Monday, May 07, 2007

More Queen of the Beach Pictures

Melissa asked me for the rest of my Queen of the Beach pictures, probably so that she can put them on her Myspace. Just to reiterate, these pictures were taken during last weekend's Queen of the Beach volleyball tournament at PIC. Click on each of the pictures to pull up a larger version:

Ej Lee PIC Volleyball Saipan Volleyball CNMI Volleyball queen of the beach

EJ, Kimiko, Michelle, and Melissa were in a bracket together. They played three games, one game with each of the other girls as a partner, and the two girls with the post points moved on to the second round.

While I like a lot of these pictures, my favorite has to be of Kimiko hitting the ball with her eyes closed:

...and yes, she is playing with a broken finger!

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Kimiko said...

I got MAP (Mosy Amusing Pic)!!!