Saturday, May 26, 2007

On Being Colorblind

Flame Red Sky
I often wonder what I'm missing. It sucks to be colorblind. I see pink, purple, and orange. Is that right?

So last night was the final night of the Taste of the Mariana Islands. I went with EJ. It was weird to think that last year I went with Emily, Jeremy, and Qamar and that they all live off island now. Hmmm...

I was also there to accept a Certificate of Appreciation on behalf of Beautify CNMI.

MVA Tourist AwardThe certificate reads:
In recognition of its valuable contributions toward the Garapan Tourism Belt Transformation Project & beautification programs and support of the CNMI's travel industry.
Thanks, MVA!

...and then here are a few photos with friends:

Beach Road ModelKaipat Family


tetricus said...

hawt. Seems like you've been busy...

Laurent said...

Great sunset and nice blog.
Have a good day !