Monday, May 14, 2007

This one is for my Mom

Alright, so I wasn't going to do an update, but in honor of Mother's Day and the woman who gave me life, here is what Angelo has been doing the last week:

Saipan Miss Gay Earth Pageant
That's hot: Bakala-kala!

On Wednesday night, after receiving the prestigious EPA Environmental Award, I had the honor of judging the Miss Gay Earth Beauty Pageant. The Saipan Tribune wrote an article and published photos from this event.

The bakalas (I just learned that word) have been helping us with our cleanups and have been promoting Beautify CNMI within their community. We were more than happy to participate in their beauty pageant, especially since we were able to watch the bikini contest:

They even gave me two free beers. What a great night!

On Thursday and Friday I visited classrooms at Garapan Elementary School and Saipan International School to talk about pets and how to act around dogs. Contrary to some opinions, we weren't spreading liberal tree hugger bullshit propaganda. We were just helping the kids not get bit. Here I am with Mr. Steinberg's 4th grade class at SIS:

Saipan International School
Party animals: Woof, woof! If you can't tell, the kids are acting like dogs.

We also had our monthly Beautify CNMI! meeting on Thursday. It was very productive and we finished the meeting with new committees to combat vandalism and to promote the creation of a parks system in the CNMI. This is the press release I issued about the two new committees:

The Trails and Parks Committee, headed by RC&D Coordinator Ken Kramer, who has experience building trails in the Adirondacks of New York, hopes to create a system of hiking, bird watching, and nature trails connecting the various existing trails and protected areas on Saipan from Marpi in the north to Susupe Lake in the south. This idea started with community members and the Beautify CNMI Coalition will coordinate with government and private land owners to create this system of interconnected wildlife corridors and protected areas with possible funding from different sources, including USDA Wildlife Habitat Incentives Program. This trail/park system has many potential benefits, including improving and promoting ecotourism, protecting habitat, and provided more opportunities for local recreation.

The Micronesia Mural Challenge Committee, headed by Officer Tricia Seman of Department of Public Safety, aims to reduce the amount of vandalism occurring in the CNMI. They are going to work with school aged children during the summer of 2007 to paint murals depicting island life, the Micronesia Challenge, and the 2008 Year of the Coral Reef. Artists will be able to submit a proposal containing a sketch and a list of materials and winners will be chosen based on artistic merit. Special consideration will be given to areas that are prominent, graffiti prone, and related to Beautify CNMI, the Micronesia Challenge, and coral reefs. The chairs of the different Beautify CNMI committees will choose which projects get approved. This committee already has a generous $2000 donation by MVA. They will be soliciting more donations of paint and paint supplies from local businesses.
I posted the meeting minutes on the Beautify CNMI blog. Thanks, Ruth, for taking the minutes!

Saturday was a really fun day. I started off watching EJ play in a soccer game. Her team, the green team, played the blue team.

The Matrix: You can't plan a shot like this. Cool, huh? That's EJ and Francine looking on. Why don't you get into the game girls? Afraid of Zoey? Yeah, me too.

I really enjoy watching the women play. Some of the girls played in college and about 1/4 of each team was on the National Team that played against Guam last month. There is a lot of talent on every team...and it is a lot of fun watching former teammates compete.

And even though this is a recreational league the girls aren't afraid to take a direct free kick in the gut:

Saipan womens soccersaipan soccer wall
Take one for the team: It takes a champ to take one of Emily's balls in the gut....wait, that came out wrong.

After EJ's game, we went down to PIC for a 3 vs 3 soccer tournament. I played with Morgan Rose and Jersh. Our team ended up 3rd out of 5 teams, while EJ's team came in last. EJ scored one goal in the tournament...against me of all people. Dang it!

My favorite part of the tournament was when EJ tripped Dale by kicking him in the back of the heel. He regained his balance, but then EJ kicked him again and he fell flat on his face. The situation was even funnier knowing that Dale was EJ's sixth grade teacher. (Oh my gosh, he he he he!)

I had to leave the tournament before it ended to get to the Boonie Dog Pet Show up at the airport (don't worry, my team had already been knocked off). The Pet Show was co-sponsored by PAWS and Beautify CNMI...but most of the credit goes to Katie Busenkell, who is probably drinking herself silly as I write this.

The event was more succesful than we could have ever imagined. I didn't get a final dog count, but there must have been at least 40 different "competitors." Even EJ brought her little rat dog out to compete in the "silliest purebreed" category.

After the pet show I drank a few beers with some friends and talked about the usual stuff that people talk about over beers, then I met up with EJ and just about everyone else who lives on this island at the Taste of the Marianas. I posted a few pictures of this event last year (Dr. Khorram, er, um, Dave, is in one of the pitures!), but I didn't bring my camera this weekend. I'll get pictures next weekend.

By the time I was done eating it was already 10 PM. I skipped the open mic night at Porky's Bar. Bree, I'm sorry! Please forgive me!

Sunday was mother's day. I was a good little boy and called my mother, Donna, in Florida, not once, but TWICE!

Sunday was a rainy day, a day meant for sleeping...well, a day meant for sleeping AFTER you go diving:

Photo Credit: Mark Robertson.

EJ and I met up with Mark, Ron, Mary, and Susan for a Wing Beach dive at 9 AM...which turned into 10 AM. Wing Beach was too rough, so we went to Laulau Beach instead.

It was a great dive. We stayed relatively shallow, so we were able to stay down for about 57 minutes. At the beginning of the channel that leads to shore we ran into Laulau's resident baitball of big eye scad. Even though I was running very low on air, we sat at the bottom and watched it for a few minutes.

This was EJ's first dive since she earned her Open Water certificate over a year ago and she did a really good job of not dying. Go EJ! There was one point where she surfaced, though. One moment she was next to me, the next moment she looked like Winnie the Pooh holding onto a balloon, floating up to the surface.

Oh yeah, Flat Stanley came on our dive, too! You all know Flat Stanley, right?

flat stanley and a fishFlat Stanely and CoralFlat Stanley and a baitball
Photo Credit: Mark Robertson.

Needless to say, after driving around to the north end of the island, then around the back end of the island to get to Laulau, and then spending almost an hour under the water, we were late for our Mother's Day BBQ with the Kaipats and FMI. Sorry, Cinta. Sorry, Marites.

We went straight to the BBQ after our dive, said hello, had a bite to eat, and then left with the intention of dropping off EJ's rented BCD, picking up some sodas, and going back to the BBQ to play softball.

It wasn't meant to be. We got back to my apartment and fell asleep. Oh well, we can hang out next Mother's Day.

When I finally woke up I grabbed some Subway and drove over to the Kaipat house. We spent the evening watching kid's movies.

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