Saturday, June 09, 2007

Continental Island Hopper

The Top Ten Clues that you are in Micronesia on the Continental Island Hopper:

  1. You eat a whole bag of tangerines
  2. The locals laugh at you when you ask if there is wireless Internet in the airport
  3. The plane smells like flowers
  4. You eat Chamorro Chip cookies
  5. You get annoyed when the Captain announces that it is DEF's turn to deplane
  6. You don't see land until after you feel the bump letting you know that you've landed
  7. The lady next to you keeps spitting her betel nut into a bottle
  8. Screaming kids
  9. Everytime you get off and get back on the plane, somebody is sitting in your seat
  10. You think an ice cooler makes a good suitcase
The trip to Majuro from Saipan (and vice versa) takes a very long time. It takes just under an hour to get from Saipan to Guam and it takes about 9 hours to get from Guam to Majuro. It makes four stops along the way.

At each stop, half the plane is asked to deplane while they clean and restock. Everyone is given the option to get off, but they alternate between forcing everyone sitting in ABC and then DEF off of the plane.

The plane stops in Chuuk:

Chuuk Airport SignThe Chuuk airport looked brand new, but there was no TV and no wireless Internet. After Chuuk, everyone gets back on the plane and we fly to Pohnpei:

Pohnpei AirportThe Pohnpei airport is the only airport with a TV. I got to watch part of the Red Sox game on Monday (Sunday in Boston)...only to find out that they lost the game later. After Pohnpei, the plane stops in Kosrae, where everyone buys a bag of tangerines:

Kosrae Airport SignThe fourth stop is an island in the Marshalls with a military base. No one is allowed to get off on this stop, so I didn't get a picture of the airport sign. I forget the name of the island, too.

Dang it.

Majuro Airport SignGetting off and on the plane was really exciting for me on the way to Majuro, but on the way back to Saipan I was ready to dig out my eyeballs. People usually say that the trip home goes faster than the trip there. Nope. Not this time.

Maybe because I wasn't ready to go home (I didn't get to dive!), but the trip home dragged on for EVER...OK, well not forever, just a really long time. It took 16 hours from the time we left our hotel in Majuro to the time I stepped out of the Saipan Airport.

Micronesia Island HopperI stole that map from somewhere on the Internet. It highlights where I went (except for that fourth stop...I can't remember the name!)


Anonymous said...

It's Kwajalein...

marianas life said...

yup, kwajalein!

Tipitina said...

Hey- thanks for the quick tour. I've been curious about the Island Hopper since I first saw the route on a Continental route map (long flight, only thing left to read, you know the drill...). Am considering a trip to Yap.