Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Most Evil Man in the World Strikes Back!

I knew it was coming. Bruce Bateman struck back at Dengre in his Saipan Tribune column today. Bruce writes:
It seems there is a new Internet site that competes with “Saipan Sucks” for the title of most denigrating, most insulting, most negative trash talk about the CNMI. This one is a blog instead of a web site so allows for interactivity, which we might make use of by going onto the site and giving positive counter commentary to the abjectly negative content being put up there. On the other hand, that only eggs them on and increases readership to the offensive blogger who hides behind the dengre (or DUNGre as I prefer) nom de plume. He won't admit who he is or why he has such a negative impression of the CNMI or why he even cares what happens here. I'm betting he is in the pay of the Pelosi/Miller crowd that wanted an end to the garment factories here in the CNMI that competed with factories owned by their buddies and political cronies. They won but aren't satisfied. Now they're out for revenge.
Hiding? I'm not so sure about that one. It is not too difficult to figure out Dengre's secret identity. Read his blog and then do a couple of google searches. He has also met with David Cohen to discuss issues on Saipan. He's not that anonymous. He just uses a moniker. Most online people do. I'm The Saipan Blogger. Keanu Reeves is Neo. Bruce continues:
This site is similar to the “white power” skinhead sites in that it promulgates the concept that the white supremacists in wash DC are the only ones capable of guiding the “poor, uneducated heathen locals” out here in the Pacific. Their brand of racism is particularly abhorrent considering their claim to moral as well as intellectual superiority. They rant on and on about what a terrible place Saipan is and how much better off we will be once under their boot.
Alright, no comment on that one. Bruce continues:
Angelo V pioneered the approach of 1. Not mentioning the offending site by name, and 2. Devising a counter site or better yet a group of counter sites that drive the offender under the google/yahoo/anysearchengine radar. Good strategy, so I won't give the site name. Oddly enough, some of the pro-Saipan bloggers here actually link to this guy's hate-filled anti-Saipan site. Seems a strange contradiction to me but hey, freedom of speech and expression means “different strokes for different folks”. Too bad that philosophy is not understood by the bad-mouthing, exaggeration-prone bloggers on the site in question.
#1 wasn't my idea. That was Walt. I have no problem saying the words Saipan Sucks. I'm also not afraid to say Voldemort.

As for #2, what I'm looking to build in the CNMI isn't necessarily a propaganda machine meant to help MVA attract tourists or the CNMI Jedi party elect candidates. I'm building a netroots community where ideas and knowledge are exchanged and where the power to determine what is news is taken away from Mr. Younis, Mr. Tan, and Mr. Nelson. That includes websites that are critical of the CNMI as well as websites that showcase the CNMI.

In creating our own Internet image and pumping up the amount of information out there about life in Saipan, those websites that, well, suck will fall to the wayside. Those that are good will rise to the top to take their place.

...and I'm elated and annoyed that We Love Saipan has bumped me in google search results. Damn you, Walt, for being a success!


Saipan Writer said...

Does Bruce say anywhere that the information put out by Dengre is wrong? Why would he make such a foolish bet? And even I know that Walt was the guy who thought up We Love Saipan.

I LOVE Saipan, but there is a lot that could be improved, and a little that makes me downright mad. And I think the blogging community does help provide many different perspectives, and that's good.

bradinthesand said...

"I have no problem saying the words Saipan Sucks. I'm also not afraid to say Voldemort."

...but are you afraid to say "Mufasa?"

dengre said...

I am not surprised to find that Bruce has an aversion to facts. He is, after all, a Rough Tuff Cream Puff and “facts” spoil his unique view of the world. Judging from his columns and comments, making up his own reality and advocating Truthiness is what he does best.

The errors and misrepresentations are laughable.

As Saipan Writer pointed out, Bruce does not dispute a single fact I have written or point out any error. He is even afraid to let his readers judge my work on its own merits. I should note that I link to his musings without fear. I will also note that his “blog” shut down after I started posting comments there earlier this year. My identity is not a secret. Anybody who reads my Diaries knows who I am and why I have an interest in the CNMI.

The Daily Kos Community has been called many names, by many Right wing nuts, but even the craziest of them would not call it a “White Power” site. That is just plain nuts.

Perhaps I sent Bruce over the edge. As I detailed in this Diary on DKos, I did open the door by calling Bruce and his comment on Buddhi Lal Dhimal, evil. It was perhaps too easy of a word to use. A better term would have been Militantly Ignorant. Oh well. Live and learn.

I do want to take a moment to set part of the record straight. As I read Bruce’s latest column, Angelo’s posts and some of the other CNMI blogs, I can see how some might get the idea that the entire Daily Kos Community was enraged with Bruce and that there is an organized campaign to have him named the Worst Pearson in the World.

That is silly. Truth be told, Bruce was and is a footnote.

I did not mention him in my Diary on May 18, It’s the Corruption Stupid. I wrote about Bruce and his column in a comment I posted to that Diary.

Way down the thread of comments, one member of the Daily Kos community posted a comment that suggested folks contact Keith Olbermann and vote for Bruce to be the Worst Person in the World. This comment only drew one response, from Angelo.

My sense of the comments from the Daily Kos community was that folks thought Bruce was a jerk, but not worth their time to take any action about. You would never have gotten that impression from Angelo’s breathless post on the controversy. And you would certainly never know that it was Angelo, not I or folks at Daily Kos, who was promoting this idea of celebrating Bateman as Worst Person in the World. I’ve watch with some amusement as that has metastasized into some “mainland” “liberal” effort—led by me—to name Bateman the most Evil man in the world. If you follow the facts, you will see this is a CNMI driven idea and story.

You will not find a place where I called for Bruce to be named the most Evil person in the world—he is not worth the effort (and the CNMI bloggers have convinced me that he is more crude than evil). You will find a post where I take comments from the CNMI bloggers to heart and reflect on the use of the word evil, but you will not find an organized effort on Daily Kos to do anything about Bruce. That effort is only being mentioned and promoted on the CNMI. (I will admit to having referenced your fascination with my calling Bruce evil in some of my Dairies and/or comments).

Bruce, himself, has written about only one email as a result of my comment—and that was from long-time CNMI human rights crusader, Wendy Doromal. If there were more emails he received, he is not bringing them up. I think this is a much bigger deal on the CNMI than it is on Daily Kos—or anywhere else in the blogosphere. And it should be because this Bateman is the most evil person in the world narrative was inflated and promoted by this site and the local CNMI bloggers. I think that is fine. All Bloggers need dust-ups and I’ve been glad to read the comments about this one (Bruce included).

I am happy to take credit for what I write and what I think, but most of the perception and narrative of this dust up is made up. Follow the links. The Daily Kos community does not care about Bruce at all. You care about him. I found his comments about Dhimal to be cruel, vicious and evil. I said so. You decided to inflate that into a grand narrative of victimization. It was (and is) fascinating to watch.

The real truth is that most folks in the world just don’t care what Bruce thinks or what happens on the CNMI.

I do care and maybe that’s why so many CNMI Bloggers link to Daily Kos and my Diaries.


dengre said...

And Brad, I drive a Honda Civic Hybrid with 120,000 miles on it...


Walt F.J. Goodridge, The Passion Prophet said...

...and I'm elated and annoyed that We Love Saipan has bumped me in google search results. Damn you, Walt, for being a success!"

Couldn't have done it without you, my friend! I'm sure you'll be re-joining WeLoveSaipan on page 1 in a bit once your jedi magic kicks in!

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

I drove a 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid before I moved to Japan. The Angry Sicilian and I drove it up to protest the Second Coming of the Boy King. Here are some pictures:


bradinthesand said...

Thanks, dengre. I wasn't sure if you read my question. Hope to see you out here sometime. Looks like you've already driven here a few times with all the mileage you've racked up.

Oh, and I say we start another contest after seeing Walt's picture. How about Saipan's Sexiest Blog Pose? I think the "Jamaican Sensation" will win it hands down (or hands on the chin anyway).

Anonymous said...

So for those of us lacking the time to read his whole diary, who is Mr. dengre?!

dengre said...

sorry, you will have to read if you want to know why I bother to care about the CNMI.