Sunday, July 08, 2007

If I was in Florida right now

I'd be hunkered down.

Tropical Storm Man-yi is spinning around somewhere above the warm Pacific waters between Guam and Yap right now. In Saipan we're getting a little rain and a lot of wind, but I don't think we're going to sustain any damage.

FMIYou know how whenever there is a storm in the Atlantic, every news station from Galveston to Key West to Richmond turns into Tropical Storm Center [insert channel number here]? Well, that doesn't happen in Saipan.

In Saipan you sit on the beach drinking a beer until someone says, "Hey, it sure seems windy today."

Then, depending on the severity of the wind, you either finish your beer and then A. call the Emergency Management Office or B. crack open another beer.

We went with option B last night at Steve and Miwa's going away BBQ. We all kept commenting on the wind and the fact that it was picking up, but nobody seemed too concerned. In fact, in place of worry, I think the consensus was that it would be pretty nice if every day was this breezy.

Don't we look concerned?

This BBQ was our chance to spend time with Steve and Miwa one last time. They are flying to Texas on Wednesday to be closer to Steve's family.

You probably can't tell from the pictures, but it is always a sad occasion when people leave the island. Sure, we've got blogs, emails, and web cameras, but it is not the same as getting together on a whim on a Sunday afternoon.

Good luck in Texas, Steve and Miwa!

Here are the lastest maps for Tropical Storm Manyi:

Typhoon Man-yiTyphoon Man-yiClick HERE for up to date information on Typhoon Man-yi.


Steve Nguyen said...

Thank you Angelo for the sweet parting photos and words. Maybe Cinta was right, that the winds and elements have gathered to let us know that we should stay. Despite those signs, we must return to Texas to be with our families. Again thank you Angelo. :)

ADB said...

If it's just windy, you'll be OK. I'll keep an eye on your blog until the danger of Man-yi has passed. Hope the people in Faraulep didn't get blown away.

Best wishes,
Stornoway, UK