Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Taya Talent Undefeated!

The Morgan Rose Pika Raiders were no match for Brad & Angelo's Guns n Roses...just kidding. We tied 1-1.

John "I once shot myself in the eye with a pellet gun" Mafnas scored in the first minute of play off a wide open pass from Adam. Damn it!

We tried to return the favor for almost the entire game, scoring only in the last ten minutes off of a corner kick from Allen to Chris Nelson.

Hell yeah!

The Coed League is going great so far. Both games have been really exciting, nobody was seriously injured, and all of the teams seem to be pretty evenly matched (Suck on that one Yosh and Dale).

After the game I went home to take a shower so that I could go see....HARRY FRICKIN' POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX!!!!!!!

After a quick dinner at Cafe at the Park with EJ, I met up with Sami, her friend Jesse, Bree, Dough, Litcelle, and Bev for the 9:50 showing.

One of the great things about life in Saipan is that you can show up 60 minutes before the start of the biggest movie of the year and be the first one in line to get into the theater. If I had been in Orlando, I'd have had to camp out for three days.

Although it was not my favorite book, I think Order of the Phoenix is my favorite movie. A few plot lines were left out, like how Luna Lovegood gets Rita Skeeter to write the story that changes the public's perception of Harry and how Neville Longbottom starts getting better at magic, but whatev, I loved it. I especially like the asian girl with the Scottish accent. I've already asked EJ if she can start talking like that.

Oh yeah, there was no Quidditch, either. No Quidditch!!??!!??

About half way through the movie I had a revelation.

I am Harry Potter.

Here is the proof:

  1. We both have hot Asian girlfriends
  2. Neither one of us can have a conversation with an older person without the older person mentioning our respective fathers
  3. He likes butterbeer, I like beer
  4. He's an half-mudblood; I'm an half-a-haole
  5. He doesn't like the Dark Lord Voldemort and the Deatheaters; I don't like the Boy King George W. Bush and the Republicans
  6. He is on the Griffindor Quidditch Team; I am on the CNMI Football Team
OK, I think that is enough.


he-who-is-confused said...

...also Harry Potter has two good friends Hermione and Ron, and a Mrs. Weasly who loves him like a son. You have Rose Morgen, uhhhhh...Brad, and Cinta Kaipat.

Winter Park Fords said...

AND says Catie and Kevin, YOU have black hair and Harry has black hair AND you have a step dad named James and Harry has a dad named James. Hmmmmm......

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Harry's ghost writer is wealthy beyond averice, while yours drives a jalopy and lives in a walk up.

Harry has a burn scar on his forehead caused by the most powerful wizard around while you have a grass stain on your knee from falling down while soccering.

I could go on but it is cruel, considering the other HARRY is beating you up in your own contest.

Seriously, is the movie worth the price of admission or have they beaten the horse to the point it is no longer recognizable?

marianas life said...

bruce, don't be dissin harry. definitely worth the price for those of us who loooooooove harry and the rest of the hogwarts gang. can't wait for the next book. one week from tomorrow.

angelo, becareful, remember, cho chang and harry part ways and he ends up with ron's sister so that would be who in this bizarro parallel world?

ej would be better off mastering some awesome spells like jenny. maybe some more of the wicked soccer goal kickin moves would work!

hasselback said...

Well ladies and gents, we might have an heir-apparent to the throne of Grand-High-Geek when I decide to step down...