Saturday, August 18, 2007

CSI: Managaha

During yesterday's field trip to Managaha, I had about 30 minutes to break away from the teachers to go snorkeling. I was exploring the wreckage right off the North shore of Managaha when I found this:

Triton Trumpet ShellDo you recognize that shell? If you remember a few weeks back, a few bloggers had a bit of a blog war over the species of crab, Dardanus megistos, that inhabits this type of shell. The common name is the White Spotted Hermit Crab. The shell is called a Triton Trumpet shell.

Here is a photo of D. megistos taken from a previous crime scene (and stolen from an unnamed source):

Dardanus megistosThe shell was just sitting on the sand in about three feet of water. How cool is that? I picked it up and took a picture of it in my hand to show how big it was:

Triton Trumpet ShellI wonder what happened to the inhabitant of this shell? Why would he leave a perfectly good home like this one?

Then I found this near the shell:

The victim's head had been ripped off and stuffed between two small rocks near the site of his former home. Who could do such a thing?

A few feet away from the head I found this:

The victim's legs had been ripped off and carelessly strewn across the ocean floor. The murderer who perpetrated this crime must be a sick, sick individual.

Now, I have no proof that he did this, but I can only think of one individual that could do such a thing to such a sweet, harmless ocean creature. This individual runs an Identity Theft Ring in the CNMI and has been accused of abusing suffering Midget Pirates.

Harry Blalock must be stopped.

The future of our oceans depends on it.


Saipan Kat said...

Next time tell Bree that you've left the ocean and give someone a wake up call. Onthe other hand, I had a blast! Thanks for the invite.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Sponge Bob did it, Harry is innocent. Crabby Patties forever!

Harry Blalock said...

Angelo, Angelo, Angelo...
If you're going to make accusations, it's quite important that you get your facts straight and that your pictures are correctly identified. That is a Tun Partridge shell, not a Tritan's Trumpet. But the crab was tasty just the same.

bradinthesand said...

Welcome to Harry's Crab Shack:

Home of Divin' and Dinin'

Home of Evictin' and Eatin'

Home of...

...any suggestions?

RUCKUS said...

looks like that hermit crab shedded and then went to look for a bigger home! i have one of those and i found pieces like that in my fish tank but my hermit crab was fine. pretty cool pics!