Thursday, August 30, 2007

Enter the chicken

Litcelle turned 14 a few weeks ago. We all had dinner together at Tony Roma's. I gave her a pink party hat and a rubber chicken.

Happy birthday, Litcelle! I hope you enjoy your gifts.

Click HERE for pictures of EJ eating her Onion Ring Burger.


After getting romped by Wild Bill's last night, a bunch of us went to Porky's to celebrate the end of the Coed Soccer League.

Porky's is owned by one of The Worst People in the World, Bruce Bateman. He was our corporate sponsor. Basically, he paid for our uniforms and we promised to lose every game.

We both kept our ends of the deal.

I like Bruce. Jeff will argue that Bruce is a good guy because he supports local theater and sports. Sure he's a little crazy (arguing that Abraham Lincoln was our worst president and claiming that SPAM is an old family recipe), but islands all over the world attract crazy white people. Key West got Jimmy Buffet and Margaritaville; Saipan has Bruce Bateman and Porky's.

Too bad Bruce can't sing.

Wednesdays are smokeless at Porky's. You can just have to do it outside. I know several people that won't go to bars because of the smoke. Well, now you have one smoke free option on one night of the week.

It's a start, right?

Porky's has a pool table, electronic darts, and free wireless Internet. They have a full service kitchen and they are the only restaurant on Saipan to charge a reasonable price for those of us who choose not to drink alcohol and opt to drink soda.

Last night they had a Special $6.99 entree menu. I don't know if they do that every night, though. I had some grilled white tuna, served with white rice and some vegetables. The fish was cooked through and moist in the middle. I prefer my fish a bit more rare, but it was still very good. Not bad for $6.99...especially considering it was dinner, not lunch.

I'm a big fan of their beef kelaguan, but not their chicken kelaguan (not spicy enough) or the nachos (I don't like the cheese). The fried shrimp is pretty good, too.

I think that's everything I've eaten there. I like to eat, what can I say?

There is a band that plays on Wednesday nights. I forget their name.

A lot of local restaurants have a band. They always take requests and I always request Mmmmbop by Hanson. Now, I've lived on Saipan for almost a year and a half and not a single band has had the talent to play Mmmmbop.

That drought ended last night. That makes this unnamed band the best band ever. Here we are rocking out to Hanson:

And I don't know what Steve is doing here:

I'll take suggestions as to what he is doing in the comments section.

Then the party really got started:

Saipan's #1 Korean Party Girl made an appearance when she got off 11 PM!!! Ever since school started she's been tutoring overachieving Korean students from 3-11. I hardly see her anymore.


EJ and Pattie DancingOh well. Party time!


Jeff said...

Bruce isn't just good with the fundraisers, he's entertaining as hell, and that's a major asset in my book. Sometimes I'm amazed at the boringness of a lot of people. I would love to do the shrimp thing, but I've got a thing already scheduled. I love the Marianas Sweet Shrimp, and I think Boni's in the club, too.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Thanks for your vote of confidence, Angelo, and you too, Jeff. We work hard to make it entertaining and affordable for you to come out and have fun at Porky's.

Actually the staff works hard to accomplish that. They only let me own the place and seldom let me do anything for fear I will mess it up.

Thanks also to the TT team for keeping their word and having fun while playing every game. Next season the other teams better watch out. We're bringing Pele out of retirement to help us out. (What is he...about 75 now?).

Thank you all for coming to Porky's and thanks for supporting our Smokeless Wednesdays. All day long, no smoke inside.

I think Steve is performing self CPR because he bit his lip causing his heart to stop.

And finally, I don't carry pennies because I think Abe is getting a piece of the action, royalty wise.

Jeff said...
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Jeff said...

You forgot to mention Bruce's proclamation on Global Warming as hoax in his list of crazy statements.

Saipan Patricia said...

Steve performs his rendition of "Like a Virgin" to on-lookers. He bites his lip after passionately singing, "...touched for the very first time!"