Thursday, August 30, 2007

Watch this space: Carnival of the Blue IV on Monday

Umatac Bay PanoramicSaipan Blogger Recommends: Jeff is going to Guam in a few weeks and is asking for places to see, dine, etc. I think Umatac Bay is really pretty. He should go there.

Carnival of the Blue IV is being hosted on The Saipan Blog on Monday. I've been receiving submissions from around the world via email. If you have a blog post about the ocean, please email the link with a small blurb to angelovillagomez at gmail dot com.

The idea of the Carnival is that when I post the link to your ocean blog post, you will reciprocate by linking to my Carnival post. That way readers reading your blog who are interested in ocean issues will be able to find other blogs that discuss ocean issues. Sound easy enough?

Now send me your submission!

If you need inspiration, check out Carnival of the Blue III.

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