Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Chu Chi Tunnels

Chu Chi VietnamChu Chi is the most disturbing place I have visited in Vietnam. This is where the National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam built over 200 kilometers of underground tunnels to fight against South Vietnam...and us.

Chu Chi Tunnel Fox holeWe were able to crawl through the tunnels, pop in and out of one of the foxholes (I looked a bit like Winnie the Pooh crawling out of Rabbit's House), eat the food they ate in the tunnels, drink the tea they made from Pandus that they drank, and see how thousands of Communist soldiers lived through the war.

The most disturbing part of the tour (for me) was the part where they showed us the different boobie traps used to kill and wound American soldiers. I never knew you could do such horrible things with bamboo.

We also had the chance to get our picture taken with an American tank blown up by a land mine. Our guide told us that Jane Fonda had her picture taken with this tank...but I couldn't find it online. Any help would be appreciated.


For lunch we ate at a place called Pho 2000. It is famous for serving lunch to Bill and Chelsea Clinton in November 2000. As the name implies, it serves Pho, which is a kind of noodle soup.

Our guide, Tiger, recommended it. He went on and on and on about how great Bill Clinton was. He was really impressed that Bill was a simple man, not afraid to eat in a Pho shop. He also mentioned about three different times how Bill once told a Vietnamese audience that he was not a VIP and that VIP usually stood for Very Impolite Person.

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Ian said...

After Angelo got stuck in this hole like Winnie the Pooh he inherited a new nickname . . . "Chunk"