Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Intrepid No More

I'm not sure what the best part of our trip has been, but Angkor Wat is in the top 5. Here I am standing atop the second level, with one of the five central stupas behind me:

Angelo at Angkor WatWe're back in the Bangkok.

If you ever have the opportunity to ride the bus from Siem Reap, Cambodia to Bangkok, Thailand, my suggestion is don't. Fly. Trust me.

Our tour is unofficially over. We are going out to dinner as a group one more time and then we are through. We've been joking that we'll go see a ping pong show tonight, but I think that we're all so tired that we'll go straight to bed after dinner.

I called my college girlfriend, who lives in Bangkok, when I got into the hotel. Kathy grew up here, but has lived in Kentucky since graduating in 2001. She just moved back to Thailand last Monday with her 11 month old daughter.

We've got a lunch date tomorrow at 11 AM. We have only seen each other once in the last 7 years, so it will be nice to catch up.

So that's it. The Intrepid trip is over.

Here is the only group picture I took during our 28 day trip:

Intrepid Tour GroupIntrepid group (from left to right): Ben from Germany, Olivia from Ireland, Terry our tour leader, Me, David, Cloe, and Ian.

We took this photo while watching the sunrise in Angkor Wat. If you haven't had the chance to do that yet, I suggest you get out to Cambodia before you die.

Angkor Wat at SunriseIt is worth every penny.


Winter Park Fords said...

Love your story and pictures! Kevin, Catie and Tiana got your postcards yesterday. They miss you! Love, Mom

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Thanks for the travelogue; I'll be catching up with your travels of the last couple of weeks.

So what are you planning for the remaining 7 days? Malaysia is just down the pike. Kuala Lumpur is worth a visit and a stay of a few days...so is Singapore. I would rule out Bangladesh unless you are starting a taxi company. Up to the Himalayas?

EJ said...

i heard that someone dressed like you for the haloween!!!