Monday, October 08, 2007

Mekong River

Mekong River Luang PrabangThe last two days have been amazing. We just spent two days traveling down the Mekong River, from Thailand to Laos. We travelled for 7 hours yesterday and 7 hours today. Last night we spent the night in a village of only 1000 people called Pakbang.

Mekong River HousesThe village was very muddy and there wasn't much going on, but Ian and I were able to find a place selling 1 hour massages for the equivalent of $6. How could we say no?

I am now in a city called Luang Prabang in Laos. It is so beautiful. How have I never heard of this city?

Talaya fishing LaosOne of the first things I saw when I arrived was two young boys fishing with a talaya. They hold and throw it exactly the same way we do in Saipan. Unbelievable! How cool is that?

Luang Prabang MarketWe are in Luang Prabang for the next three days. We've only been here for about 5 hours, but I'm already planning a return trip. It is just that beautiful.


Francine said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Everything looks so amazing or funny and strange. This is what I call a vacation!

Tamara said...

Cool pictures!

saipanboonieman said...

WOW! im so jealous! send us some more pictures of this place please.......