Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Visiting with Kathy and Planning the Next Trip

Katherine AphaivongsI met up with Kathy at the Bangkok JW Marriott this morning. We had coffee in the lobby and then we went for a walk.

Ian joined us about an hour later and we went to a Chinese restaurant that Kathy and her family have been going to since she was a little girl. We had dim sum, noodle soup, and duck. After lunch we ended up going to a large shopping mall...a shopping mall that had this tasty delight:

Mos Burger BangkokThere was a Mos Burger near my apartment in Takaoka. It brought me back. We had just eaten, so I couldn't eat right away. I got a Mos Burger To Go as we were leaving the mall.

EJ will be happy to know that I got my haircut. It cost 300 Baht, plus a 40 Baht tip to the stylist and a 30 Baht tip to the shampoo girl.

Angelo VillagomezSo what do you think? Fat but handsome?


Ian was an hour late because he was finishing up the booking of our next adventure. Thanks for the suggestions to go to Samui, but the tour guide said that Samui is flooded right now and that it is not a good time to go.

We decided to go to Phuket and Phi Phi. We leave for Phuket tomorrow, spend the night in Phuket, then the next day we take a ferry to Phi Phi (where the Beach starring Leonardo DiCaprio was filmed), spend three days there, then go back to Phuket on the ferry, spend one more night in Phuket, then back to Bangkok for a night, and then we finally leave for home early the next morning.

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jake rhymes with cake said...

yes, i back up the people telling you to go to Koh Samui. some of the best scuba diving on the planet is done around K.S. when i was in thailand that's where i stayed for a month, it was incredible.