Monday, October 29, 2007

Yankees are Cursed

We just swept the Rockies, a team that never should have been in the World Series, Joe Torre got canned, and A-Rod just opted out of the final years of his undeserving, underperforming $251 million contract. I predict that the Yankees are about to enter a period of mediocrity unseen since Don Mattingly donned his mullet in the 1980's.

Life as a Red Sox fan is good.

I watched game 4 from the comfort of my hotel room in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Angkor Wat and the other ancient Khmer temples are right up the street. How cool is that? I skipped this morning's activity, a visit to a nature preserve, to watch the game.


I took over 200 pictures at yesterday's visit to Angkor Wat. We were literally the first people inside the temple to watch the sun rise. It was pouring rain at 4 AM when we got up to leave, but by the time the sun came up the clouds had cleared away.

They stayed away all day. All of my pictures of the 1000 year old temples have a bright blue sky in them. I'm looking forward to posting them. It has been cloudy and raining on all but a few days on this trip. We were extremely blessed to get sun and blue skies yesterday.

Today is pretty much the last day of our Intrepid tour. Tomorrow morning we take a bus into Thailand and Bangkok, then we spend one more night in Bangkok before the tour officially ends. We've promised Olivia that we'll take her to a ping pong show back in Bangkok. We'll part ways on the 31st.

David's college buddy has invited us to dinner on the night of the 31st. He is taking us to a place on the 78th floor (or something like that) of a building overlooking the whole city of Bangkok. I'm going to wear the new gecko shirt I had specially made in Hoi An, Vietnam.


Last night, Ian, Olivia, and I went to a crazy bar called Sok San. Sok San advertises itself as a night club with karaoke and massages. Yeah, sketchy, I know, but it looked like fun. The three of us went in thinking it was a "lady bar."

The inside didn't appear like a lady bar. There was a "girl" dancing on stage. "She" looked like a stripper, but she didn't have a pole and never took her clothes off. It looked like a regular night club.

I say "she" because we suspected them and most of the women in the bar of being men, although I have no proof other than Adam's apples and big feet. We sat there drinking our beers, soaking in the whole experience, when suddenly we were subjected to a Khmer cultural drag.


After we finished our beers and before leaving we decided to check out the massage rooms, not to have massages, just to check to see if we were really in a girly bar. We were led into a large room with a glass wall. Behind the wall, sitting on some bleachers and wearing lots of makeup, were several girls with numbers pinned to their chests, like cattle at an auction.

We were told that all the massage rooms were full and that we'd have to wait. The cost for a "massage," was $5. We told them we didn't really want a massage, we were just checking the price.

I did not expect to see a bar like this in Siem Reap.

Good times.


bigsoxfan said...

I don't feel so bad about missing game four, after reading about your experiences. Trust the force young skywalker. If they look like guys, they probably are, don't look upstairs, please, don't look upstairs. I hope you enjoyed living your vacation as much as Erdene and I enjoyed reading about it. Right up to the line about the Adam's apples and feet. Trust your feelings..

EJ said...

Who is Olivia? Is she your new girlfriend?

Jeff said...

Hey, bite me. Mattingly never had a mullet. How about winning graciously. This is why Boston fans suck and America wants every team to now aim for Tom Brady's knees.

When they put Arod's money into Johan Santana next year all NY will be smiling. They can bounced in the first round with or without that postseason feeble asshole.

Jim Lemire said...

thought you would appreciate this after the Sox sweep:

Seagor said...

Life as a Red Sox fan is VERY GOOD! I can get used to this.

Pragmatic Plato said...

Boycott Porky's!