Friday, January 11, 2008

First Day in Pohnpei

MCT Office PohnpeiOffice with a view: The Micronesia Conservation Trust office is right on the water. This is what they are forced to look at 8 hours a day.

Carlos Kusto is Pohnpei's first blogger. Ever. Please bounce on over to Carlos' blog and send your regards from wherever you are sitting. I know I have regular readers in Saipan, Mongolia, Japan, and all over the United States.

Carlos is a Micronesia Challenge Intern. He is being mentored to become one of Pohnpei's future conservation leaders.

Please give Pohnpei's first blogger and one of Micronesia's future leaders some encouragement.

Learning Exchange: Here I am with Mary Rose showing her how to upload documents to the MCT website. That's Carlos behind us.

I'm in Pohnpei to help the Micronesia Conservation Trust (MCT) with their web presence. We had a session yesterday and we had about a four hour session today.

So far we've created two new bloggers (Johnny is Pohnpei's second blogger), gone over some basic html elements, and talked about how we want to edit the MCT website.

We'll continue working all day Monday, Tuesday, and then Wednesday morning.


I'm going to Nan Madol tomorrow morning at 9 AM. I was mistaken; it is not a World Heritage Site. Either way, I'm still pretty stoked. I've been reading about this place in books since I was a kid.

Now if I can just get up to the Northern islands...


"Majic" said...

I knew it -- blogging IS contagious! Now it's spreading throughout Micronesia! Awesome...hehe.

decolonize me said...

Your naivete about Pohnpei, and I imagine the region in general, is cute. And emblamatic of how uninformed even people from Micronesia are about Micronesia.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

It's not a WHS because it's not in Europe or N America. You will notice a preponderance of the WHSs are there. Why? Because those areas nominate more sites. We need to get some nominations in for Micronesia and the other Pacific areas. Nan Madol is a perfect example. Who's elected for the nomination committee?

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

From your comment I'm assuming that you consider yourself informed. From your blog I'm assuming you think every one who disagrees with you is stupid...or a traitor.

Thanks for commenting.

Jeff said...

What's cute is that some arrogant jerk thinks you're misguided about Pohnpei when you didn't even say anything about Pohnpei. Another angry, anonymous clown enters the fray to bitch about free American money and foreigners who don't know their place. What a shock! People like this do a real disservice to real victims of real colonization.

decolonize me said...

To the Saipan blogger and Jeff:

Since I have no idea where you are drawing your conclusions from, I cannot hope to sort out your comments.

However, thank you for reminding us all that true decolonization comes from pimp cups and oohing and aahing over how pastoral Pohnpei is.