Friday, March 07, 2008

Best Restaurant on Saipan

When it comes to hospitality and service, nobody beats the Hyatt. Last night's dinner with David and Mara Khorram at Giovanni's was outstanding.

I had a caprese salad and the mushroom soup to start and had lasagna as my main course. I don't think I've ever seen bufala mozzarella on Saipan before. I wonder if Hyatt makes it?

The fast went well. I was a little irritable in the afternoon, but as sunset got closer it got easier. I told myself that I was going to wait until David or Mara took a sip or a bite of something before I broke the fast.


As soon as the bread was put in front of us I took a bite out of a bread stick. Oops. I forgot. The sun had already set, right?

The food was outstanding. With all the fish and soy sauce in my diet, I'd forgotten how much I liked balsamic vinegar, pesto, and olive oil. This is the kind of food I would make for Alex, Tiana, and Sandra when we all lived together. What a satisfying meal.

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