Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Back in the Day II

I'm going to Guam tomorrow on business and I wanted to put up another set of Back in the Day pictures before I left.

This is Back in the Day II. I welcome my fellow bloggers to post their own Back in the Day. No rules. No tagging. Just post some old pictures and write whatever you want to write about them.
The Brothers Villagomez: My father flew everyone from Saipan out to California in 1999 for a family vacation. Alex and I flew out from Orlando to meet them there. Here are his five boys standing in the parking lot outside of Disneyland.

Fish Tales: I think this picture is from 1993. Is it just me, or were the fish bigger back then? I remember that we only caught two fish on this trip. We caught the tuna I'm holding and a rainbow runner. The boat belonged to my Uncle John.

Familia Villagomez: This picture was taken in 2000. It was the last, and only the second, time all of my father's six children were in one place. We were all in Hawaii to be at Dad's bedside. He had just had a heart attack. I read the first three Harry Potter books sitting in that chair.

Visiting DC: This is the last picture I ever took with Dad. He was in DC for a meeting with other officials from the CNMI. I remember meeting Pete P. Tenorio and Juan Babauta at a function there.

Child LaborChild Labor: My father always put us to work when we visited during the summers. When we were younger it was gathering coconuts and then placing the husks around the bases of the trees in our yard. As we got older we took over grass mowing and tuba collecting duties.