Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Breakout Groups

I'm not just killing snakes in Guam, I'm also attending a conference.

Yesterday morning we had some breakout sessions to work on issues that need addressing region wide. This was a great opportunity to get input from conservationists from all over Micronesia on issues facing us in our homes.

My group discussed the reasons behind anti-protected area sentiment. Can you guess what some of those reasons are?

I don't have a picture of my group, but here are some pictures of the other groups from yesterday morning:

Breakout Group 1: Vanessa Fread, Project Manager of Yap CAP (Yap), Dr. Tholman Alik, Executive Director of YELA (Kosrae), Albon Ishoda, Coordinator of IMRM (Marshalls), Charles Chieng, Executive Director of Yap CAP (Yap), Kathy Kesolei from Palau, and Fabian Iyar, Executive Director of PICRC (Palau). I can't really tell because their faces are blocked, but I think Wayne Andrew, Project Manager of Helen Reef (Palau), and Takubu Teroroko, Director of the Phoenix Islands Protected Area (Kiribati), are in the picture, too.

Breakout Group 2: Steve Why, Executive Director of MICS (Marshalls), Tiare Holm, Executive Director of PCS (Palau), Tina Filmed, Executive Director of Yap EPA (Yap), Ada Eledui, Director of Conservation & Law Enforcement in Koror (Palau), Patterson Shed, Executive Director of CSP (Pohnpei), Trina Leberer from TNC (Guam), David from the Marshalls, Fran Castro from MINA (Saipan), Kathleen Herman from NOAA (Saipan), and Curtis Graham, Project Manager of CCS (Chuuk).

Breakout Group 3: Cheryl Calaustro, from Guam, Maryanne Teregeyo from Saipan, Esther Gumataotao from Guam, Mary Rose Nakayama from Chuuk, and Lorrie Johnson-Asher from Pohnpei.

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