Saturday, April 26, 2008

Game Day

CNMI Womens National Soccer Team Beats GuamThe women put on one hell of a show yesterday by stuffing Guam 0-0. Guam is a FIFA ranked team. I think they are #75 in the world. Yesterday they couldn't beat a rag tag bunch of island girls.


Our game is in about 6 hours. I won't be starting this game, but I should get a few minutes towards the end of the game to rip stuff up. I really want to win this game.


Janet King said...

Good luck, Angelo and Team CNMI! :-)

SiC said...

My friend, Guan es #200 in the world.
I would like to read a comment on the man's game, coz i have a small blog about national football teams!

Shazam said...

As of this morning here are the rankings for women

77 Northern Ireland
78 Tunisia
79 Guam
80 Mali
81 Venezuela
82 Malaysia
83 Latvia
84 Cameroon
85 Philippines

Guam men are ranked 202

SiC said...

You were talking about Women, I had no idea in that case, I'm Sorry...