Sunday, April 20, 2008

Pineapple Ball Pictures

I decided last minute to go to the Pineapple Ball at the Hyatt.

The recipient of the funds raised this year was MINA, so I sort of felt obliged.

Although I didn't register for the auction, I still manged to buy two things. I bought a $150 gift certificate for a travel agency and a travel DVD player for $75 (what a deal!) and I bought a one night package at the Hyatt's new spa for $350 (kind of expensive, but valued at $700!)

What can I say, Robert Torres is a great auctioneer?

I'm going to give the spa package to my Mom and Jim when they visit in June. I figure I'll let them experience about two weeks of island life, then let them spend the night at the Hyatt while I watch my brother and sister.

Here are a few pictures:

Jack Sablan Angelo Villagomez Fran CastroTony Cabrera and Chuck SayonRobert Torres Auction DudeTania Chong Dexter Mendiola
The cocktail party at the Hyatt ended right around 10 PM. Some people (like me) went to Godfather's afterwards.

Ian Catlett and Angelo VillagomezGeorge Hasselhoff Male ModelInsane Thai Party GirlsGodfathers Bar SaipanAnd yes, that is George Hasselback, Saipan Male Model, singing in a tuxedo.


1032westrobinson said...

I was going to call you yesterday when I realized it was around midnight, so I figured you'd be in bed and didn't call. Kevin said: "Call him; he's probably at Godfather's!". I should have called! Thanks for the spa package! Love you, Mom

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

Is Kevin looking forward to hanging out at Godfather's?

Good to know that my 10 year old brother living 7000 miles away knows where to find me on a Saturday night.