Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Price of Gas Hurting Fishermen

The price of gas on Saipan is $4.32. That is nuts. The price of fish hasn't gone up in 10 years.

The price of fish has to go up.


Boni said...

Especially since the price of ignorance and apathy keeps rising. What is the price of our votes this election?

tetricus said...

What.. they don't use sails anymore?

Jeff said...

Gas costs will reduce the number of people going out fishing, which should reduce fish supply and drive the fish cost higher.

bradinthesand said...

...or people could just go out and fish the old fashioned way for free!

biba cheap fish!

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Fishing from a sailboat is a recipe for frustration. Often the schools move faster than you can sail meaning you don't ever get there. When you do, you often cannot maneuver in ways and achieve speeds that are conducive to catching fish efficiently.

If you have lots of time and if you are trying to catch a few fish for your family , it's still a maybe. If you want to catch to sell and make a living, or even to provide for extended families, fugiddaboudit.

I sail a lot. I used to fish a lot and catch a lot from a motor boat, but seldom now catch from my sailboat, even when trying hard. Bottom fishing on the drift might work, but most folks like and want pelagic species meaning trolling. Hard to do on a sailboat. Inefficient at best. Fruitless at worst.

You already mentioned the best thing about it....it's CHEAP to sail. Not 'free' but it is inexpensive compared to motor trolling.