Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More Co-ed Soccer

Last week about 15 people showed up for our Co-ed pickup soccer game. We're stretching our legs and honing our skills for the upcoming Co-ed soccer league.

Come on out and play with us. Everyone is welcome regardless of skill level, just keep in mind that this is an adult league. Younger players are welcome, but be forewarned that Brenda Schultz has been known to drop the F-bomb every now and then. Really.

We'll start playing right after work on Thursday at 5 PM.

I'll bring my ball even though Michael Thomas made fun of it last week. If you don't want to play with my ball, which by the way is approved by the Korean Football Association, bring another one.

We're still looking for some captains. Norm and Dora Camacho, Greg and Mel Borja, and Angelo Villagomez (that's me!) and Meaghan Hassel-shearer (Irish?) are captaining three teams. We need three more pairs of captains if we are going to have six teams. Any volunteers?

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