Sunday, May 25, 2008


Football on Saipan
The body is a little sore today after playing almost four hours of soccer yesterday. Four teams played in the "Sportmanship Tournament," including my team, Wild Bill's Independents (in orange).

We called it the "Sportsmanship Tournament" because a few of the Men's League games ended with fights out in the parking lot...including the fight between the Ol' Aces and Onwell that forced the NMIFA to cut the league short by one week.

Saipan SoccerWith four teams participating (the Fightin' Ol' Aces and the Brawlin' Onwells weren't invited), we played a round of pool play, with the top two teams playing for the championship and the other two teams playing for third.

Our team played really well in pool play. We drew Inter and the MFC 2-2 and 0-0, respectively, and we beat the Korean team, FCA, 1-0. That was good enough to get us into the championship game against FCA (Football Club Arirang).

Angelo Villagomez Wild Bills SoccerAfter three games, nobody's legs were moving too quick. We were given a respite when Eli showed up half way through the first half, but we were really, really tired.

The game ended in a 2-2 tie and the game went straight to penalty kicks.

We choked.

Damn it.

Even so, this is the best our team has ever done. This was our first time playing in the championship game. I wish we had won, but I'm proud to have just been a contender.


The next men's league starts in August. There's always next year.

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